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The Best Countries To Live In

We live in a vast world with so much to see. Most of us may not be able to see all of these in our lifetime. Similarly, you may not want to see everything but rather certain things. There are many countries in the world. All these countries offer many things to its citizens. There are some known for many things such as the economy, political stability and quality of life to name a few. This has made these countries becoming extremely popular and many people migrate their resulting in tighter immigrations rules. Here’s a list of some of the best countries to live in.


Canada is the second largest country by total area and is considered to be one of the best places to live due to its quality of life, economic freedom, civil liberties and so on. Canada is considered a developed country and has one of the largest economies in the world. The country is technologically savvy with  gigabit fiber media converter and high-speed internet.  Canada received its independence from the British in 1931 and is part of the Commonwealth. Similarly, the country is known for its large multi-cultural population with Toronto having more than 50% non-natives.  Most of the population is focused in the south because the north is too cold for most people to live in.


Australia is a country isolated from the rest of the world along with New Zealand. It is also the sixth largest country in the world and the largest in the Oceania. The capital city of Australia is Canberra while Sydney is the most populated city. The country is ranked highly in quality of life, education, civil liberties, economic freedom and health. Similar to Canada, Australia has one of the largest economies and is home to the 9th largest immigration population while being technologically developed country with access to high speed internet and fiber optic converter. The immigration population covers 26% of Australia’s 24 million population. Visit 


Switzerland is and European country with a population of 8.3 million. Zurich and Geneva are two Swiss cities that are economic centers and are global cities. Despite Switzerland being a landlocked country, it is one of the most developed countries in the world. Further, Switzerland has the highest nominal wealth per adult. The country is highly ranked for its civil liberties, economic freedom, healthcare, education, human development and economic competitiveness. Despite it being extremely tough to immigrate to Switzerland, it is one of the most sought out countries. Despite the country being one of the smallest in Europe, it has a powerful economy.

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