Relax By Playing Ambient, Meditative Sounds In Your Browser

I try to take regular breaks when I’m working long hours on the computer. Starring for hours at a time at the computer monitor is tiring, and even though I usually notice that at the end of the shift, it is something that I try to prevent by taking those breaks. Eye strain for instance can be caused by that, as can headaches for instance.

When I take breaks, I try to power nap. I usually can’t just do a walk for two hours, or go to bed and sleep there for the next hour or so. A power nap basically is like a full nap, only in less time.

Ambient sounds help me in this case tremendously. While I like to listen to white noise whenever possible, ambient sounds serve a different purpose. Instead of reducing the impact of surrounding noises, they help me relax.

When you look around on the Internet, you find several free options to get your ambient meditative sound fix. Once of the newest is Fab Relax, a service that you can use to play up to six different ambient sounds together in the browser.

ambient sounds

You can play, or up to six different sounds by selecting them using the pulldown menus on the web site. Sounds are divided into different groups, with each group offering up to 12 different sound loops for you to choose from.

  • Water, with Sea or Thunderbird sounds
  • Animals, with Birds or Cricket sounds
  • Wind, with Wind or Windchimes sounds
  • Fire, with Fire sounds
  • Forest, with Forest sounds

New users should probably go through all the sounds offered, at least in a select category, before they start mixing sounds. Each selected sound plays for a while, before it is looped and starts anew.

For each sample, volume and pan can be configured individually. The only other options that you have on the site, is to set a timer to play all sounds for a select period of time. That’s useful if you have a ten minute break, and want to be reminded that it is over without having to set an alarm to do so.

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