MyImgur, Desktop Uploader

One of the most popular online image hosting sites is Imgur, a service that is for instance used by Reddit members to post images to the site. If you are uploading images regularly to the site, you may prefer to do so from the desktop as it simply may be the more comfortable thing to do.

One of the best programs for the job is MyImgur, which appears one of the few, or maybe the only one as the author claims, that is offering full account support.

You do not need an account though if you just need to upload images without control or management options later on. To simply upload images, drag and drop them into the application interface and wait for them to be uploaded to the service.  The program keeps track of all of your uploads, and’s per hour upload limit which is currently set to 50 images per hour.

myimgur imgur uploader

Once you have uploaded an image you can copy various links pointing to it to the Clipboard, for instance to paste it into another application or post it online.

MyImgur keeps tracks of all uploads, which you can access with the click of a button. Here you have options to copy links from previous image uploads, add comments for uploads that help you identify the images, or use the delete url to delete the image on Imgur.

You can also create screenshots using the program and upload those to the image host, or use the built-in file browser to upload one or multiple images to the site.

If you are logging in with an Imgur account, you get additional features like support for albums, and a larger amount of images that you can upload per hour.

The program itself is really easy to use and can save you quite some time uploading images to the image hosting site. Especially the history feature is excellent as you can keep track of all of your past uploads to the site this way.

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