How To Befriend Someone On Facebook And Block It From Your Timeline

You sometimes may be getting friend requests on Facebook from users that you can’t just decline outright, but that you do not want your other friends to know about. This can be a work related friendship request, for instance from your boss or a co-worker, your parents and other family members, or someone else that you are in contact with. If you do not want to stall the friendship request for the next years or so and have to answer quests why you still have not accepted it, you may want to do the next best thing: Accept the friend request on Facebook, but avoid that it is shown on your Facebook Timeline as a status update.

The big issue here is that the recent privacy changes on Facebook have made it more difficulty to hide certain events on the site from some or all of your friends. Here is what you can do to hide the fact that you have befriended a user on Facebook.

Please note that this user will still be listed in your friend list, and that other Facebook users who have access to your friends list may spot that users name in there if they look through the list.

Probably the least complicated way of handing friend requests that you do not want others to know about is to accept them like every other friend request, and remove it the second it has been accepted from the timeline.

For that, you go to your own Facebook Timeline and look for the new “you became friends with” status update on that page. Move the mouse cursor over the box, and click on the Edit or Remove button that appears. Please note that you may find the friend status update in a previous box on the Timeline profile, as Facebook tends to lump multiple accepted requests per month together in one box on the page.

hide from timeline

You can now select to hide this box from the Timeline, or Hide all friends added from Timeline. The latter option hides all existing and future friend requests and additions from the Timeline profile.

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