Don’t like Ads on Facebook? Then Block them!

If you are a regular on Facebook you have probably already grown accustomed to the advertisement on the social networking sites. Most ads on Facebook are listed as sponsored contents, which are usually prominently placed in the sidebar next to the news stream.

While you could use a program like NoScript for Firefox or an ad blocker to block the ads, you can alternatively install a userscript for pretty much the same effect.

Facebook Ad Remover is a lightweight userscript that you can install in Google Chrome or the Firefox web browser. Once installed, it will remove the sidebar advertisement that you would otherwise see on Facebook. The space that is gained by this is used to expand the news feed on the site, so that you benefit in two different ways from the script. Take a look at the following before and after screenshots of a Facebook page.

facebook ads

facebook remove ads

As you can see when comparing the two screenshots, the second version of the page has a wider news feed and no sponsored sidebar column.

The developer of the userscript notes that you need to have at least a display resolution of 1024×768 for the script to work properly. If you have less screen real estate, the newsticker and chat interface may not show up in the sidebar. A work around that sometimes works in this case is to zoom out of the Facebook page, for instance by holding down Ctrl and using the mouse wheel to do that.

Firefox users need to install the Greasemonkey extension or a comparable add-on for the browser before they can install the script. Chrome users can install it right away without initial preparations.

The script is regularly updated to work with newer versions of the Facebook page.

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