A list of tech predictions for 2012

Year end is the time when predictions are posted for the coming year.  Depending on who your asking, tech predictions may vary a lot, from crazy and not likely going to happen to exciting new technologies that may change our online – and sometimes even offline – life forever.

Before we look at what the experts predict, I’d like to post my own predictions for the year 2012.

It is likely that we will see new Apple devices in 2012, with the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 at the top of the list, but at the very least refreshes of current models.

We will also see Windows 8 released, and the rise of Ultrabooks which will become a lot cheaper as the year progresses. I do not really think that Windows 8 will become as popular as Windows 7, as it seems to touch and tablet centric. Microsoft could convince me if they’d offer options to turn off Metro UI, as it feels impracticable for desktop PC use.

Amazon will reap the rewards of subsidizing the Kindle Fire by making huge profits from in-store sales.

Lets see what the experts think will happen in 2012 this time:

Computer Weekly

  • Quad-core processors in smartphones and tablets
  • A Windows 8 tablet
  • The iPhone 5 and iPad 3
  • An Amazon Phone
  • Siri to get bigger and better, as well as an Android alternative

The Guardian

  • Mobile retail
  • Mobile wallets
  • Change at the top
  • Free phone calls and messages
  • Apple TV


  • Facebook Buys Digg
  • Scientists and Hollywood Develop New Way to End Movies
  • SOPA Becomes the Law of the land
  • Apple Intros a 5-inch Tablet Phone Hybrid
  • Google+ Takes Center Stage
  • Honda Releases Asimo to Consumers

PC Mag

  • Mobile printers, projectors, and scanners make headway
  • Android malware creeps to prominence
  • Ultrabooks take center stage
  • On-demand streaming video content space endures disruption
  • The laptop optical drive continues to decline
  • Windows 8 for the win
  • Touch screens get cozy on PCs
  • A new Apple iPhone looms
  • Effects of Thailand flooding persist
  • Single-band routers get ousted

What are your predictions for 2012?

One thought on “A list of tech predictions for 2012

  1. This is a very interesting list of predictions. It even gets me a little excited about the new toys I might be buying this year. I seen somewhere where Amazon was coming out with a phone. Have they already come out with it?

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