Awesome Firefox Add Ons For Last Minute Holiday Shopping

It is almost Christmas, and I am not done with my shopping yet. But I know I am not the only one who is in this predicament, especially with so many people facing a tight budget. There is no need to panic, though I know that is my own personal instinct. I went searching for some of the best Firefox addons that can help shop for the pickiest or most difficult for gift-receivers, and hopefully with shipping options to get it here before the present opening on Christmas Day. But you should get going ASAP…the holidays might seem a time for miracles, but you don’t want to have to rely on one.


This is a nice, automatic price checker that will take any item from any shop and do a quick look around the web for the lowest cost. It has saved me a lot of money in the past, sometimes finding huge deals through online sales. During the holidays this is especially useful, as so many stores will slash prices to entice last minute shoppers. Covers the US, UK and Germany, but can be helpful internationally if time isn’t so much of an issue and you can do global shipping.

eBay Sidebar

One of the best places to shop anywhere on the web is eBay. Many sellers are right now offering ultra-fast shipping for people who want to get their items before the 25th. You can use the sidebar to find the item of your choice, then look on the main bidding page to find out when the estimated arrival time and offered shipping options are. You can turn it on and off, which is great, and keep it up while comparing prices on other sites.

Amazon Tool Bar

This was originally the Amazon Wish List Toolbar, which would allow you to find products from other sites and load them onto your Amazon Wishlist. Now, it still has that feature but has been expanded. The toolbar is a bit more general now, letting you find products, price check, buy and more. The best bet for many people with making it will last minute shopping will be through one or two day shipping, which is great for Prime members that can get it for free, no matter how many items they buy.


One of the most annoying aspects of Craigslist is having to stay within one general city at a time. This addon lets you search site-wide to get a good set of results from anywhere. Which can help you if you want to buy something in another part of your state.


One thought on “Awesome Firefox Add Ons For Last Minute Holiday Shopping

  1. Well, the holidays are over, but I still wanted to give a shout out to the InvisivleHand. I have been using this add on for some time and it is great. You don’t have to use these just for holiday shopping. It is great to have at all times on your browser. Great post, I love reading your stuff, even though I’m a guy.. ;-)

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