Facebook Timeline Add to Cover Not Working

If you are a regular on Facebook, and who of us is not, you have probably came into contact already with the new Timeline profile that Facebook is currently introducing on the site. Timeline for now is an optional feature, which means that Facebook users have to enable it manually to use it. The issue here is that there is no going back. Once activated, you are stuck with Timeline even if you do not like the new profile layout at all. (There is actually a highly technical option that allows you to see all profiles in their old layout, check it out here).

One of the things that Facebook users who switched to Timeline are now experiencing is the inability to change the new cover image on their profile. Facebook Timeline gives users an option to add a larger photo, called the cover, to the top of their profile that everyone sees when they open it on Facebook.

Many users report that they can upload or select a photo from already uploaded ones for the cover photo. Facebook also lets them position the picture, but clicking on save does not save the new cover on Facebook.

facebook cover

I’m having the same problem uploading or choosing a phot from my album for a cover photo. It lets me position the picture but nothing happens with I try to save it. Ive reported this to FB with no reply from them.

My timeline “add a cover” is not working. I tried 3 computers (both Mac and PC) and all browser types (FF, IE, Safari, Chrome). None of them worked. I can upload or select a photo then when I click “save” and it does nothing. I watched my dad on the same computer using the same photo as a test successfully add a cover on the first try. This sucks! Is anyone else having this problem? Any ideas? Solutions?

Some users were successful by using a different web browser, while others had no success doing so. A fix that is working for some is to upload a photo first to one of your photo albums, to select it from there during the cover setup. While this has worked for some, others have reported that it did not resolve their issues.

It is time for Facebook to fix the issue, as many users who have switched to Timeline are now stuck with a blank space on top, or even worse, a profile cover that they have uploaded previously that they do not want to see anymore.

7 thoughts on “Facebook Timeline Add to Cover Not Working

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  2. Good information. I’m one of the ones that nothing works-no matter what and I have great S.CA. beach and ocean photos for the cover profile. Will bookmark your blog.

  3. Same here, hope you ladies don’t mind me butting in.
    I recently changed over to Timeline, changed my cover image a couple of times – no problem, both on PC & iPod, then downloaded an iPod app which uploades pre-formatted cover images, uploaded one or two, decided the app was a waste of time as all it did was upload the images to a Facebook album & I still had to add them manually.

    I deleted the app, and this is the bit that (i think) broke the feature – I deleted 2 photo albums from Facebook, the one that the app had created, and also the Cover Image album which is created by Timeline, i think it was around that time that the problem started. I’ve tried re-adding the Cover image album, no difference – to date I have had no luck getting it to work on any device (android, iPod or PC), it runs through the process, looks like it is all working, then shows a blank image.
    I’ve reported it as ‘broken’ to Facebook, they say they cannot respond – but will read every message, we will see.

  4. I having the same problem been having it for almost a mouth none of my pictures from my album will save on my cover and i have left facebook several messages and email still no response i like the timeline now I don’t

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