Can’t Upload Photos To Facebook Photo Albums?

Facebook photo albums allow you to group and categorize photos that you upload to the social networking site. That’s handy for organization purposes, and also for sharing only particular albums with other users.

Things can go wrong though when you try to add photos to a photo album. A common theme is that the add photos button is missing from the page, so that new photos cannot be added anymore to that particular album.

The first thing that Facebook users need to know then, is that Facebook limits each photo album to 200 photos. If you have already uploaded 200 photos to it, you can either create a new photo album (and name it like the first with a number behind), or move some of the photos already in the album to another album to make room for the new ones that you want to upload.

There are also albums that are created automatically by Facebook. This is for instance true for mobile uploads. You do not see the add photos button if you are currently browsing a mobile upload folder. If you want to add photos to it, you need to upload the photos from your mobile device.

facebook add photos

The profile pictures album is another example. You can only add photos to that album by changing your profile picture on the site.

The same can be said for Timeline Cover photos, as they are also put into a special folder. If you want to add photos to it, you need to change your cover on the site.

Wall photos finally are also restricted. The album lists all photos that you have added to your wall previously. You need to add photos to your wall to add them to that photo album on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Can’t Upload Photos To Facebook Photo Albums?

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  2. I was able to load pictures now no matter how many pics i have in album the add button is missing from all of them

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