Cannot Upload Videos To Facebook? Try These Fixes

You probably know that you can upload videos to Facebook in very much the same way as photos and images are uploaded to the social networking site. Videos on the other hand can cause issues that photos may not. If you have issues uploading photos, I suggest you check out our Facebook photo uploading troubleshooting guide.

Videos however are different which is why we will be looking at solutions to fix your video uploading issues on Facebook.

You can upload videos to Facebook in the same way that you upload photos. Click on Add Photo / Video at the top of the Facebook homepage, select Upload Photo / Video and select the video that you want to upload from your computer. You can also record a video using your webcam.

facebook upload videos

Mobile users who want to upload videos should check the FAQ entry on Facebook that explains how this is done from a smartphone.

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your video is in a format that is supported by Facebook. You can visit the formats page to see a listing of all video extensions supported by the site. This includes popular formats such as avi, 3gp, flv or mkv.

Facebook suggests to upload videos in mp4 format whenever possible.

But even if your video is in the right format, you may still run into issues uploading it to Facebook. Additional restrictions are in place that may prevent you from uploading videos in supported formats. You need to make sure for instance that the video has a ratio between 9×16 and 16×9 which most videos should have.

Non-verified accounts have an upload limit of 100 Megabyte per video with a maximum play time of 2 minutes. Verified Facebook users can upload videos up to 1024 Megabyte in size with a maximum play time of 20 minutes. Keep in mind that this is a per-video setting.

You need to split your video into multiple parts if it is larger than that. I suggest to use VirtualDub for that, a free video editing software. You find a tutorial on how to split videos in VirtualDub on the Ghacks website.

Uploading the video, especially if it is quite large, can take hours, especially if the upload speed of your Internet connection is not the greatest. You also need to know that Facebook will process videos after you have uploaded them. This basically means that your video is not directly available.

The larger edge of the video is constrained to 1280px (pixels). We do not rescale videos that are below this maximum in both dimensions.

Aspect ratio must be within the range of 9:16 (0.5625) to 16:9 (1.7777). Videos with aspect ratios that fall outside this range will be rejected.

Frame rate of the uploaded video will be roughly maintained with that of the original, with a maximum of 30fps (frames per second). If the original video has a variable frame rate, we will try to maintain the average frame rate of the original. If we cannot determine the frame rate of the original file, it will be forced to 30fps. Note that if a frame rate is to be decimated, we will only ever decimate by whole integers. This may result in an original video with a relatively high frame rate undergoing a frame rate conversion to below the maximum of 30fps. For example, if a video has a frame rate of 100fps, it will be decimated by a factor of 4, resulting in 25fps.

If a video contains more than one video or audio stream, the first video and audio stream found in the container will be used and the rest will be discarded. Metadata and subtitle tracks will be ignored.


The number of audio channels will be maintained for stereo and mono streams. 5.1-channel audio will be down-mixed to stereo. All other channel configurations are currently unsupported.

Audio will be re-sampled to either 22,050hz or 44,100hz (hertz), whichever is closer to the sample rate of the original file.

Did you ever run into troubles uploading videos to Facebook? Share your story below.

3 thoughts on “Cannot Upload Videos To Facebook? Try These Fixes

  1. Updated Facebook , now cannot upload video, tried one that I had uploaded two days ago ( no issues) now just failed????

  2. I Was Uploading A MP4 Video Frame Rate Of 25.. And Audio 4100 But When I Upload They Video About the 89% Popup Appeares Saying There Was Problem Uploading Your Video Pls Try Again Later…

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